The swoop: All about edges

The swoop: All about edges

You can lay them, shape them, swoop them, and style them, or wear them au naturale. Edges aren’t just the baby hairs that make up our hairlines, they are also something that kinkies, curlies, and coilies take very seriously. Taking care of our edges is a huge responsibility that should also be taken equally seriously, but it is one that many naturals tend to overlook until the damage is extensive enough to be visible. Broken, sparse, heat damaged, and growth-stunted edges can arise as a result of neglect and overmanipulating, but edges can fortunately bounce back! Just give them time, TLC, and try some of the tips and tricks below.

Treat your edges with care!

The hair around our hairlines is the finest and most fragile. Incidentally, it is also the hair that we tend to manipulate and pick at the most, so it’s no wonder that most people tend to see evidence of hair loss and thinning around their hairlines before anywhere else. Put down the edge control and brush every once in a while, and when you do style, make sure to handle your edges gently and use products that don’t flake and are less likely to cause harmful product buildup when you style. Try our Happy Edges ‘line, which has a firm flake free hold, rinses out of hair easily, and has ingredients that protect your hairline and can even make your hairline appear fuller.

Switch up your styles.

A leading cause of damaged edges is traction alopecia, which is hair loss that is a result of excessive tension on the scalp from hairstyles such as tight braids, cornrows, and ponytails. A rule of thumb is that if your face is stiff, your scalp is raised and red, and your scalp and hairline are pulsing, throbbing, or hurt to the touch, your style is entirely too tight. And while fresh protective style can be a little stiff when they’re fresh, there is a stark difference between a little bit of tenderness and hair that Is pulled so tight it is irritating and painful. Consider wearing low-tension styles in between your protective styles and high puffs. Trying a wash n go, rod set, and even knotless styles occasionally is a great way to let your scalp and edges breathe.

Edges need product too!

You wouldn’t go through wash day without adding leave in to your hair, oiling your scalp, or deep conditioning, nor would you let product build up on your hair for days and weeks at a time, would you? For many naturals, this is the type of neglect that their edges are regularly subjected to. It is easy to overlook those little hairs or constantly coat them with edge control, neglect to keep them moisturize, or heat style them regularly to get them to lay down. Edges, like the rest of the hair on our heads, need to be taken care of with quality products. Make sure to add any products you’re using on your shaft to your hairline, and to protect them as you do the rest of your hair. In fact, there are specialized products out there that are meant specifically for protecting your edges and scalp such as our Healing Drops, which help with thickening sparse edges and repairing damage along the hairline as well.

Parting Words

Your edges are important and need to be properly taken care of to thrive. Wear low tension styles, take good care of your edges, and show them love! With time and patience your hairline will be full healthy, and beautiful, and your edges will look and feel amazing, any way you wear them.

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